My second full-length collection of poems, FAT DAISIES, was released in October 2015 from Big Lucks Books. Order it here from the publisher or here from Small Press Distribution.

"Instead of a moral, and somehow coinciding with the belief that 'all of us are terrible/ animals,' the book offers companionship—in imperfection, in self-obsession, in questioning. Murphy describes humans as 'effervescent in [their] constant reimagining,' and her collection spreads that effervescence far and wide." -Publisher's Weekly

"Fat Daisies is one of the nicer things in this world—both a fun read and invigorating." -Roxane Gay

My first full-length collection of poems, PRETTY TILT, was published by Keyhole Press in 2012. Order it directly from the publisher here or on Amazon here

"Pretty Tilt is an utterly engaging love letter to the incandescent moments that, when threaded together, represent girlhood--young women on the cusp of something just beyond themselves, reaching, fumbling, falling, in sometimes glorious, sometimes garish, but always beautifully rendered, unflinching ways." Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist and An Untamed State

"Carrie Murphy writes the ambiguous and ambivalent viscera beneath the surface of the pretty girl in her “tragic dresses,” quoting the canon of girlhood - Clueless and Tori Amos and Dirty Dancing and Disney and My Little Pony. "The tools I used/to write myself a girl." Her girls are gooshy and oozey and bleeding and bothered and wanting and horny as hell, like craven and craving Molly Blooms.  Like if the Lisbon sisters grew up in the nineties and were not projections but desirous, desiring of the icky, beautiful boys, writing of crusted panties and the phenomenology of the blow job or wanting to fuck a 15-year-old Prince William at his mother’s funeral. “All we have in common is our colossal boredom.”  These poems are hilarious, joyful, dirty, deeply felt, fucked, totally inappropriate, gorgeous." Kate Zambreno, author of Green Girl and Heroines

My chapbook of poems about a fictional 1960s girl group, MEET THE LAVENDERS, was released in 2011 from Birds of Lace, a feminist press. It is now out of print.