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1/11/17: E. CE Miller named me as a poet "every 20-something should be reading" on Bustle! 

10/2/16: Em Kaldenbaugh did the most awesome and creative review of FAT DAISIES over at Queen Mob's Teahouse!

8/29/16: Ruth Awad interviewed me for her Pet Poetics series. I talk about my dogs and pop culture's role in poetry!

3/29/16: CJ Opperthauser wrote a nice review of my book in the latest issue of Ghost Ocean (scroll down to see)

3/7/16: A poem from FAT DAISIES. "Phobe Manifesto," is up on Bloof Books' The Quotidian Bee

3/1/16: Jeanne Faulkner interviewed me about writing, being a doula and the words we use to talk about birth on her Common Sense Pregnancy and Parenting podcast! Click #17 to hear our chat. Click here to listen without launching iTunes.

1/3/16: Publisher's Weekly gave FAT DAISIES an awesome review! 

12/5/15: Two poems of mine were published on Design*Sponge, as curated by Ashley Ford. 

11/12/15: Roxane Gay wrote a lovely microreview of FAT DAISIES on Shop Catalog.

11/1/15: An interview with me (by my friend Gina Abelkop) is up on WEIRD SISTER!

10/15/15: FAT DAISIES is out! Get it from the publisher, Big Lucks, or from Small Press Distribution